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Have you ever wanted to pilot a starship, or battle the Borg? Perhaps you'd like to be part of a team making first contact with a new lifeform. Or maybe you want to heal people and cure diseases. In Spacefleet Online, all things are possible!

Over 17 years ago, Spacefleet Online (SFOL) began as a small forum on America Online. It was a place where Star Trek enthusiasts from around the United States of America got together and engaged in some of the first online role playing games (rpg's) in the Star Trek universe. Over the years, SFOL began to expand, and was the premier Star Trek RPG on America Online.

Today, SFOL is still running strong, and expanding. Instead of being an AOL-only gaming club, SFOL now has AIM chatrooms, so that people with AOL Instant Messenger can join in the fun!

In June of 2005, SFOL formed a merger with Federation Sim Fleet (FSF), another long-running simulation group (10+ years) that has many former and current SFOL members in it. For more information on the merger, take a look at the Alliances/Mergers page.

How It Works

SIMulations, also called "SIMs" for short, are our hour-long games that occur for each ship once a week. The leader of the ship is called the Commanding Officer or CO. Directly under the CO is the Executive Officer, also called the XO. These two people are also Game Masters (GM's) in SFOL. Their jobs are to basically make sure that the games run smoothly, and to help move the plots along. For more information about these people and their jobs, check out our SFOL Staff page.

In the past, people could only join SFOL by SIMming in an Academy for a few weeks, and then they would graduated to being assigned to a game of their choice.

To make the process much easier and quicker for new cadets, we have revised this policy. The new policy is as follows:

  1. Take a look at our current Schedule, and pick a game on a day and time that you can be sure to attend on a weekly basis.

  2. Go to the How To Join page, and submit the form there, letting us know that you are interested in a game (please be sure to pick which one from the dropdown box on the form).

  3. In a few days, you'll hear back from someone within SFOL, giving you further information on the game you wish to join.

  4. On the night of the game you wish to join, drop in on the game 10 minutes before it starts, and send an Instant Message to the Commanding Officer (CO) or Executive Officer (XO), who are both listed on the Schedule page next to their game times. Let them know that you are interested in joining their ship, and let them know you filled out the application on the website.

  5. If the CO or XO approves of it, for the next few weeks, you will SIM with that ship and crew at the rank of CADET. After that, if you perform your duties well and wish to continue, you will be promoted to the rank of Midshipman or Ensign, and become an official part of that crew, and a member of SFOL!

This new policy is advantageous not only for people who want to join a game in SFOL, but also for our ships. By having new players start out on a real ship, they are getting "on the job training" and will develop relationships with the people they'll be SIMming with much earlier than what would've normally occurred.

Ready to become part of the adventure? Join us now!

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